Jenny Wood has eleven years of experience researching, writing and winning grants for nonprofits wanting to make their communities better.  She drives the process from the initial research of best-match funders all the way to writing the final report of the difference the grants have made.  This process also includes drafting and editing applications to the exact specifications set by the funder while also promoting the nonprofit and its cause.  She will also submit applications and follow-up after the grant awards with thank-you letters and other requirements.

Services also include training volunteers. Jenny has trained groups of volunteers in research techniques and managed them in the editing process. She can do this and more for a nonprofit that wishes to keep grantwriting “in-house'” There is power in groups of volunteers willing to do the legwork for their cause.

Jenny has written grants in the areas of education, animal rescue, the arts, women entrepreneurship, and supporting victims of sex trafficking. Working together with my partners has reaped almost $200,000 in grants to fund things like art supplies for schools, rescuing animals from euthanasia, counseling for underserved students, a community theater, and helping impoverished women become entrepreneurs both locally and internationally.  It is so exciting to see this work go to benefit such great causes!

Current Partners:

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 Other Community Service

Jenny has been enthusiastically involved in her community for many years. Currently, she volunteers as a foster mom for homeless cats, serves as a Primary Presiden for the children’s organization in her church and lends her grant writing skills to local organizations. In the past she has been active on a local Legislative Action Committee and in PTA, acting as the district Legislative Chairperson and even holding the office of District President from 2006-2007. This position also allowed her to work with the state PTA, which gave her the opportunity to learn from the work they do. She has also been a Girl Scout troop leader, the President of the Women’s organization and a leader in the Young Women’s organization in her local church.


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