• Initial research of funders to find great matches to your projects and goals. This is key to grant success.
  • Second-level research to gather all information needed to give funders everything they are looking for, giving you the best chance of being awarded funds.

Writing and Editing:

  • Writing the grant application to the exact specifications set by the funder while also promoting your organization and its cause.¬† This is the best combination and balance for winning awards.
  • Editing grant applications to ensure they are absolutely perfect. This can also be a separate service for grants you have already written.

Other Services:

  • Submission of the grants by the due dates and final follow-through tasks after an award has been granted. This last step is critical to building and maintaining relationships for future grant possibilities.
  • Training of your volunteers in all of these services, keeping your costs down and keeping your organization in control of the process.



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