“Jenny has been a huge asset to the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation.  As one of the lowest funded, but highest performing school districts in the State, Scotts Valley Educational Foundation is constantly in search of additional funding sources.  Jenny Wood has been a godsend in helping us find, prepare and successfully obtain grants from across the country.”

Derek Timm
Scotts Valley Educational Foundation

“Jenny’s thoroughness in researching available resources and her adept skill for grant writing has proven invaluable for our non-profit.”

Amy Strickland
President and Founder
Animal Shelter Relief
“Our organization had little to no traction in the grant world as we were supported solely by volunteers.  Without someone who understood the ins and outs of grant research, submission and reporting, we were unable to capitalize on relevant funding.  When Jenny jumped in to help develop a grant program, we finally had the leader we needed to maintain focus.  Over the course of a year, Jenny developed a database of grants, drove the grant development and submission program and trained our volunteers on the process.  The result was thousands of dollars of funding for programs our schools and our students needed.  We couldn’t have done it without Jenny.”
Allison Niday
Former President, Scotts Valley Educational Foundation


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